Turban style

Taking Stock: May Edit

Turban styleTyping this from the serenity of my room which has a two year old carpet design (blame my mum) and different pattern fabric as curtains(that’s on me). Its not put together but its my personal space and I love it. I didn’t do much about my room because I will leave it behind anyways and return home after a year of serving the fathers land. Talking of serving, I have just about three and half months left and I am super hyped!!!. The month of may was good and it ended with my birthday. I am so grateful and thankful for the love I received and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

RelatedTaking Stock|| Past Months Recap And My goals For The New Month.

Last month, In this post here, I talked about my plans for the month of may and this is the update.

-Put up more blog post: This is the fourth blog post after mentioning it and I think that is an improvement.
-Put out valuable contents: I tried my best to do this in may and I hope I do better this month
-Work on my email list: I haven’t done anything on this and I hope I do that this month
-Be more intentional: I was more intentional this month and it really helped a lot.
-Be more thankful: Thankful for being thankful in the month of may
-Create more styling videos: I did one styling video this month and you can check it out here if you haven’t seen it.
-Put more effort on my other social media platform aside Instagram: Finally pinning more on pinterest and posting more on twitter. Please do follow me on twitter here.

Currently, I amTaking stock

Reading: The thing around your neck

Wishing: I was at home

Loving: DIY videos

Making : more notebooks. I sell really cute notebooks, you can hit me up if you want one plus its really affordableTaking Stock

Enjoying: Myself (not living large or anything but I am just enjoying myself)

Listening To: Azaman (lol, I just love the song)

Feeling: Grateful

Admiring: Travel content creators

Wearing : sandals and slides

Excited To: create new contents this month

Zaynab Xo…


8 thoughts on “Taking Stock: May Edit”

  1. Great work on putting out more content and being more intentional.
    You gotta work on that email list this month anddd the notes!!!


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