My Social Media Week Experience.



Hi guys!

Happy new month and I hope you guys have a good March ♥

I attended the Lagos social media week for the first time last week. It was for 5 days (Mon-Fri) but I could only attend on just Tuesday and Thursday.

To think I didn’t plan to attend the event until a friend said she was going so I decided to go anyways. I missed some of the sessions/workshops I was looking forward to, thanks to Lagos traffic! and I won’t even talk about how I got home around 11:30 on my first day attending, thanks to Lagos traffic again!!Zaynaro

The event was held at Landmark center on the island and a lot of people attended, even some of my faves were speakers for the events. When I got there, I was confused and I didn’t know what to do. I was already walking into the hall when security called me back to confirm my name I.e if registered. My name was confirmed and I was given a tag and a pin (If you register early, you will get a free campus badge, which was what I did).Lagos Social media week

On Tuesday, I attended two session. The first was “WEALTH CREATION IN THIS DIGITAL AGE“. Piggyvest COO Odunayo Eweniyi was one of the speakers for this session. This session was about how you can create wealth by going digital. Here are some of the things i jotted in this session:

– Wealth Creation: being deliberate about strategies that will help you generate income.

– If there are things you know how to do outside the digital space, look for a way you can go digital with it.

– Understand the platform you’re using to go digital and amplify your voice with it. Use it to attract people to your skills.

– Your product needs to find a unifying factor that people are interested in.

– Collaboration is very important!

– If you have skills and you don’t keep improving them, you will become irrelevant.

– Having the skills to make money doesn’t translate having the skills to maintain money and you must also be able to multiply it.

The next session I attended was a panel “ACT AND SCIENCE OF INFLUENCER MARKETING ” which was my favorite class! A fave Dimmah Umeh was one of the speakers for this session. Here are some of the things I jotted from this session:

– Influence is not dependent on the number of followers you have, it’s all about authenticity.

– Nigeria influencer market lacks structure and most Nigerian brands don’t understand influencer marketing.

– Communication has to be clear between influencers and brands.

– Be familiar with a product before you promote it.

– Get on TikTok if you can😂

– Advice to aspiring influencers: Be yourself, Be relatable, Be consistent, Focus on your content, Build trust, Be authentic.


On Thursday, I attended two sessions too although I wasn’t really interested in them because the ones I wanted to attend ended before I got there. The first one I attended was “DIASPORA ENGAGEMENT, INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP“. This session was about Nigerians in Diaspora. They talked about how one of the best in different fields all over the world are Nigerians that left Nigeria to countries that are competence driven and not connection driven. They encouraged people to come back and invest in home I.e Nigeria. That’s all I could deduce from the session.

The Second was question and answer with GTbank CEO Segun Agbaje. That man is a good speaker and that’s all I can say.

I met new people, I learned a lot and I also got to see my online faves physically so it was a good experience. The only thing I had an issue with was locating the stage for different sessions. I felt they should have placed a sign on each entrance. Although there was a map, I couldn’t understand it. Will I attend next year??? Hell yeah! If I am opportune to.

Tuesday OutfitMum jean outfit

Thursday OutfitZaynaro

Did you attend SMW? Enjoyed it??? If you didn’t, will you consider attending next year?

Zaynab XO…

7 thoughts on “My Social Media Week Experience.”

  1. I did attend this year and I really should get my review out by the end of the week.
    I met people, loved a lot of sessions and missed some sessions I really wanted to be a part of.
    I won a ticket on twitter and was able to attend for three days.
    Love your photos! Happy you enjoyed yourself.
    Hoping we get to go next year.


    1. Yea…a loooot of people are getting on tik tok…so you could find a creative way to make TikTok videos about what you do. If you’re a fashion blogger, you could make outfit videos using tiktok

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