3 Things To Do In Uyo.

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Funny at the beginning of the year, I mentioned in this post that this year was going to be the year of adventure. Fast forward to half of the year later, I haven’t even visited the tourist sites in Enugu(might visit one this July). I had other states in my to visit but funds have been stopping me and I currently don’t have a job right now. But last month I packed my bag for Uyo since I have a friend there and it’s just about four hours from Enugu plus the bus there is only 2000 naira (start small right). Before I left for Uyo, I planned to visit Godswill Akpabio stadium, Ibeno beach, and their mall. Although I ended up visiting just two places cause of time and the rain won’t stop falling. Well, if you find yourself in Uyo for a short period, here are 3 things you can do

1. Visit Godswill Akpabio Stadiumgodswill akpabio stadium

This was the first place I visited. I was skeptical about visiting cause I wasn’t sure if they allow just anyone in but I decided to go anyway with two of my friends. When we got there, we met a man and woman at the gate and my friend pulled the blogger card! Ikr!!. She said, “my friend is a blogger and she came from Enugu and want to look around the stadium and take pictures”. Then she said we are corp members too. The woman just asked for our I.D card and allowed us in.

godswill akpabio stadium

godswill akpa

Nigerian blogger zaynaro

The stadium is really massive and it can take up to 30,000 people. I personally love the colors of the chairs and the whole design of the stadium.zaynaroGodswill Akpabio stadium

2. Visit Ibom Tropican Entertainment CenterIbom tropicana entertainment center Zaynaro

Tropican is like a mall in Uyo where you can see movies and also chill(although almost half of the mall is empty, I don’t know why). They also do this really interesting thing where you pay 500 naira and you can use the internet for the whole day which I think its really cool. I tried it when I went there but the internet was not so fast(it might not be like this always)

3. Try out their local food

I tried out one of their local food which is boiled plantain and scent leave stew. I don’t like scent leave on a normal day but this one was really nice and this plate cost about 400 naira. And if you’re very adventurous with food, you can try out dog meat.

Other places you can visit are Ibeno beach and  Ikot Ekpene plaza. I will be visiting Uyo again soon and I will update this post when I visit those places

P.S: Uyo has really beautiful roads and I was impressedUyo

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  1. Travelling has always been something I’ve always wanted to do. But if I could travel rn I’ll really love to visit Enugu. You sure looked like you were having fun though and here’s to reading more about your travel experiences 🍻


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