My New Year Not To Do List.


Happy New Year guys! And I am wishing you guys a good and wonderful one filled with opportunities, travel, love, funds and all the good stuff.

It feels so good to write here again after a little while. My year started off well to be honest. It started with me getting to talk with one of my favorite people who moved out of the country since last year and we haven’t been able to communicate well. Then I got to attend a picnic organized by a creative whom I admire so much and it was wonderful to finally meet her and other amazing women. ZaynaroZaynaroFA52B278-B022-424A-950B-9BBD7F05BF0F

This year, I plan to be intentional about everything I do and and my word for the year is CONSISTENCY. I plan to be consistent in everything I do including this blog, salah and so on. I know the normal thing is to share to-do list for the year, but I will be sharing my NOT TO DO LIST instead. On my not to do list this year are:

– Compare myself to another person: let me be honest here, I do this sometimes but I have learned to snap out of it. And I always remember I am not the person I am comparing to, we both have a different journey and this is mine. I saw something online about this and It goes like “it’s like driving a car on your own lane and you’re constantly looking at someone else’s lane, you’re gonna crash!”

– Lazy around/procrastinate: if there is one thing I do even consciously is procrastinate. I noticed this is now a part of me, even to reply ordinary comments I will always say ”i will do it later” then even forget to do it anyways. I even hold pee cause of laziness to get up and its getting out of hand. Well I have started snapping out of it too and I try to do most things immediately. 

– Doubt myself and my creativity: I did this last year. I will legit create or think of something then I will start doubting it and not do it or share it anyways then boom! Someone else does it and I am like I thought of this!. This year, I am doing it afraid. I am going to work on my creative ideas without belittling them.

– Miss Salah: I am making it a mission not to miss a single salah this year. So help me God.

– Argue about feminism: I am not going to embark on any feminism argument with anyone this year. Most people hate the idea of feminism and that’s their business. I am tired of explaining and getting into an argument with people because of they feel feminism means you hate men! I am a feminist and that’s it.

– Stay in my comfort zone: Nothing good happens in the comfort zone so we are stepping out of it this year and doing more!

– Buy things I don’t need: I won’t buy what I don’t need this year all in the name of “I will use it oneday” No! Not doing that this year.

– Forget there is something called working out😂

– Forget to save.Not to do list

Thank you for reading and cheers to the new year. 

Zaynab Xo…


8 thoughts on “My New Year Not To Do List.”

  1. We literally have the same word for 2020- in fact, I’m just trying to write my ‘Word for 2020’ post right now!
    I really want to be able to do little things constantly and grow from there.
    Wishing you Godspeed in everything you do and great success this year and beyond!!



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