My 2019 So Far..

We are 8 months into 2019 and in the next four months, we will be screaming happy new year and wishing everyone a prosperous 2020. The year was a bit slow at the beginning but its running so fast! like august just started when? and its almost month-end. In today’s post, I will be sharing my 2019 so far with you loves. 2019 has been a roller coaster and has been good at the same time. I have been living in another state(Enugu) since the beginning of this year and its been good tbh putting aside the language barrier and me constantly missing my family(although I have been home twice this year). Living in Enugu has been eye-opening and I have learned a lot but will go into details in another post.

MY 2019 SO FAR…

BRAND COLLABORATION: I have worked with two brands so far this year and I am grateful for the opportunity plus I have also been gifted items by some brands too.

BLOG: I got a domain this year and I am super proud of that because I was already getting pissed off with the “wordpress.com ish” at the back of my blog name. I also bought a blog planner which was also one of the blog’s goals I mentioned here which has harbored my plans, ideas, and to-do list since the beginning of this year. I have also done about two outfit posts which you can check out here and here.

HAIR JOURNEY: I finally loc my hair after contemplating for a long time. As much as I love the idea of natural hair, it can be a handful. Natural hair can be so stressful to maintain and I was just so done with it. Loc was the best option since I didn’t want to relax my hair. I wrote about the products I use on my natural hair and you can check it out here

TRAVEL: my plan this year was to visit about five states this year. Eight months into the year and I have visited just one which is Uyo and I wrote about it here. I hope I get to visit about two more before the year ends.

JOB: after I stopped my remote job earlier this year, its been a struggle getting another one. The ones I get either requires me to come into the office twice a week and there is nothing wrong with that but the location is usually Lagos or Abuja

THRIFT STORE: I started my thrift store in April and I am glad I did. it has been providing me that extra cash I need and I am grateful for that. Also grateful for all the lovely people that have supported one way or the other.

LIFE GENERALLY: there have been days I cried my eyes out and there have been days full of laughter and each moment matters. one thing I appreciate about my self so far this year is the fact that I have been learning and growing every day. Like this is not three months ago Zaynab! And I am also super grateful for my life after the little bike accident I had sometimes last week. Also, I will be done with NYSC in about a month from now and I am happy and scared at the same time but we move!

I have also been journaling a lot and I have also met amazing people. I hope to do more before the year ends. More blogposts, outfit shoots, and more brand collaborations!

How has 2019 been for you? Crushed a few of your goals yet?

Zaynab xo…

4 thoughts on “My 2019 So Far..”

  1. Whewwwww!!!! You have done a lot indeed!! Congratulations on the new domain,your store and every other good things around you. I relate to how hard it is living in a new student as I also recently finished NYSC…. but I wish you so much light babe. You would learn more than ever in this remaining months of 2019z Goodluck 💕

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