Lagos Waka: Rele Art Gallery And Ofada Boy.

I wasn’t going to make this blog post but I woke up in the middle of the night feeling motivated and I decided to write about my visit to Rele Art Gallery and Ofada Boy. I came to Lagos for a while (currently serving my country in Enugu) and I decided to visit two instafamous places.

First Stop: Rele Art Gallery.Rele art gallery

Rele art gallery

Rele art gallery

It was my first time at an art gallery, to be honest. I don’t really understand art but I still decided to give it a try. I got to the gallery around one in the afternoon with the help of Google maps. Rele art gallery is located at No, 5 military street Lagos. It’s very close to TBS and it’s easy to find your way from there (Google Maps is your friend). When I got there, I was expecting to pay an entrance fee but to my surprise, entrance is free. When I got in, I was blown away by the art I saw. It’s a solo exhibition of a female artist Ayobola Kekere-Ekun. The particular collection is called Resilient lines. I love this collection because I actually understood it. Like the ones that represented the book ”secret lives of baba segi’s wives” even though I haven’t read the book, I could tell the character of each wife from the art (and it makes me even want to read the book). I will write my assumptions below. Let me know if I am right in case you have read the book.

Rele art gallery
Iya Segi: probably loves money
Rele art gallery
Iya Tope: probably gossips a lot
Rele art gallery
Iya Femi: she probably talks/insults a lot hence the big mouth

Second Stop: Oshodi

I am sure you guys are wondering what I went to do in oshodi. Well I had a delivery from a brand and I had to go get the stuff from the driver at oshodi. On getting there, I saw this very big buildings that I assumed it was a mall but I later found out its a transport interchange building and you can read more about it here.

Last Stop: Ofada Boy.BD6AFD5B-DEF4-462C-B14F-B12947F07699.jpeg

I first found out ofada boy from CassieDaves blog and since then, I have always wanted to visit. Fast forward to about two years later, I found my self on the streets of Surulere happily walking down with my friend to the restaurant. We got there around 5:30 in the evening and immediately when I pushed the doors open, I was met by a very traditional settings which I immediately fell in love with. All their workers also had a Yoruba traditional wear called “Danshiki” on. Outside was quite crowded and one of the workers suggested we go inside instead. Inside was quite noisy, a traditional Yoruba song was blasting from their speakers and ladies were also screaming from a separate room(bridal shower thing) which I assumed to be a room you can probably rent for a small birthday or family time. I didn’t even mind the noise because I was really hungry and just wanted to eat. The menu was brought to us and the menu contained varieties of food like Ofada Rice(obviously), swallows, soups, peppered snail, meat etc, palmwine.

Ofada Boys

I opted for the ofada classic(1500) while my friend went for premium(1800) which had moi-moi but I wasn’t really interested in the moi-moi. The food came and I enjoyed every bit of it except the plantain(I like my plantain a certain way). The stew had enough meat and ponmo and the egg was a plus. By the time we were done eating, the sun was setting already but I still took some pictures for the gram.

Ofada Boy

Ofada Boy

P.S: they do deliver just in case you’re craving and don’t want to leave your house. You can check out their I.G page here

Zaynab Xo…


4 thoughts on “Lagos Waka: Rele Art Gallery And Ofada Boy.”

  1. Corper Wee!
    Your outfit is amazing, it’s great you visited the art gallery during an exhibition. Those lines and details are ravishing.
    I’ve been to Tafawa Balewa Square and I even did a writeup on it, I’ll check out Rele Art Gallery when next I’m in the area.
    Thanks for sharing.


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