Taking Stock|| Past Months Recap And My goals For The New Month.

Hi guys,

I know its been a long time here and the last time I posted was in January. I didn’t think it will turn out like this too because at the beginning of this year, I thought this year will be a year of consistently blogging but life happened.

Past Months Recap

Febuary: My phone was stolen early febuary after Inec Traning (INEC stills owes me). I was going to fill my gas and I was still putting on my Khaki. I decided to put it in my pocket and it was stolen in the bus and I didn’t even notice till I got back home because I was following my dad’s no phone near gas rule.

March: march was a very still and boring month for me. I didn’t really do anything productive and I spent the whole month watching series and reading books. To be very honest, I thought I was going to get another phone that month but it was delayed for some reasons.

April: I got another phone! then I realized my phone that got stolen was a blessing in disguise. I wrote it down as one of my goals this year to get a phone with a better storage space because I was tired of deleting some pictures before I can take another pictures. Guess what? the storage space on my new phone is 128gb! I also travelled back home to see my family for the first time in 2019. I also did some Lagos waka which I will put up a blog post about soon. I finally started my thrift store @curatedbyzayn where you can get really affordable items.

Currently, I am:

Reading: the thing around your neck.

Wishing: I am good with words.

Loving: my friends and family

Enjoying: fashion videos

Listening to: Vector and Barry Jhay

Wanting : Peace

Admiring: people that are so good with words

Wearing: More skirts

Exicted about: Ramadhan(Ramadhan Mubarak to my muslim readers)

Goals for the current month.

  • Put up more blog post
  • Put out valuable contents
  • Work on my email list
  • Be more intentional
  • Be more thankful
  • Create more styling videos.
  • Put more effort on my other social media platform aside Instagram

How has your year been so far? and I hope you’re still smashing them goals.

Zaynab XO…




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