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Aliexpress Haul Plus Tips For Shopping On Aliexpress

Hi guys!

Finally the long waited Aliexpress post is here. While I was offline, I bought lots of things on Aliexpress through my friends phone cause I didn’t have a phone per se.

ABOUT ALIEXPRESS: Aliexpress is an online website or platform where different sellers get to sell their products but mostly from china. Some brand like Shein and Zaful can also be found there. Aliexpress goods are very affordable and can easily fit into your budget.


Mesh Bag: I am sure you guys know how trendy this bag is and i also love how its so versatile( can be used a bag or flatlay prop)

Shop here

Backpack: I was looking for the perfect backpack after my last backpack was already looking like it was ready to retire after so much work and I found this one which is perfect for my laptop.

Shop here

Woven bag: Woven bags are like everywhere so i wanted to get something kinda different from what everyone one had and i found this beauty.

Shop here

Nerd glasses: I love nerd glasses so much

Shop here, here, and here

Round bag

Shop here

Focallure Lip crayon and eyeliner.

Shop here and here

Fish net socks

Shop here


Shop here

Camera lens

Shop here


Shop : 1,2, 3, 4,5, 6,7,8, 9


Shop here


Shop here


Q: Are you charged for delivery on individual item?

A: Yes, and most item comes with free shipping but even with shipping fee doesn’t guarantee the item will be received earlier than the one with free shipping.

Q: How many weeks does it take for your products to arrive?

A: Some takes about 3 weeks to a month while some take about two months. Sometimes you can even get your item in about two weeks.

Q: How do you pay?

A: You pay with your card but it has to be mastercard i guess.

Q: Does the post office give issues?

A: No they do not but I think it depends on the workers there. The one i use doesn’t.

Q: Can I bargain items on Aliexpress?

A: Funny enough my friend did it and it worked. All she did was to message the seller.

Q: Does the post office call you when your item arrive?

A: Yes they do but like i said earlier, it all depends on the workers. Some of them are lazy and won’t.


1. Read reviews: this is very important but sometimes i use my church mind but in very rare situations tho.

2. When you see an item you want, check if another seller has the same thing and compare the price. If there is shipping on it, you can filter it to free shipping and you might find the same item with free shipping.

3. Message the seller if your order is not being processed or its way past the due time and you haven’t gotten it. They do reply and will even give you a refund

4. If you’re buying a footwear, buy a size bigger cause their sizing is not really standard.

Ever shopped on Aliexpress? How was the experience? Any tips for new shoppers? Please do share in the comment section.

Zaynab xo…

26 thoughts on “Aliexpress Haul Plus Tips For Shopping On Aliexpress”

  1. Oh nice! I’ll try them out. I always hear they scam people, so I don’t bother getting anything from them 😂😂😂


    1. What are the camera lenses for btw? That netbag is really fancy, is it strong enough to take in school books?

      Ehmmm and about that phone tripod stand, how did it end up? Is it still working? Could you leave me a link of the purchase site if possible.


  2. Nice stuffs you got here girl!! I’m also an Aliexpress shopper, just started though and no regrets. And I don’t think it’s only MasterCard it accepts cause I use Visa and it accepted it.


  3. I just ordered a wrist watch on kiiku, it’s kind of like Aliexpress. Patiently waiting for it to arrive, I am so getting your back pack too. This post is resourceful thank you.


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