Styling Adire Shirt

Adire is a tied-dyed cloth produced and worn by the Yoruba people of Nigeria in West Africa. This cloth has evolved over the years and its now not only worn by Yoruba people but by everyone.

It has been seen on the runway and in fact I own a primark tie dye jacket. I remember i was taught in school how to tie dye cloth but i wasnt paying so much attention then but i loved the outcome of the process cause of its beautiful colours and patterns.

When I was given the opportunity to pick a shirt from @icreativedesigns , i picked an oversized shirt which i love the pattern and colour. When i was thinking of how to style it, i decided to style it too ways and you guys know i am all about making most use of your wardrobe which is why i like styling my outfits two ways.


styling adire shirt

styling adire shirt2018-05-12 08.56.59 1.jpg

You can wear this look for dinner, wedding or any glam outing. I wore the shirt kinda like an off shoulder which I think it a cool way to wear your shirt and just one of the several way you can wear your shirt. If you’re like me and don’t wanna show your skin , you can add a top underneath. Added a big belt to give it  fitting at the waist.styling adire shirt


styling adire shirt

I added a nude pumps and a fur bag which I diy here. Went for a simple and minimal jewelry and topped the whole outfit up with confidence

OUTFIT DETAILSstyling adire shirt

Top: zara (thrifted)

Pants: thrifted

Shoes: snatched from a friend

Scarf/Belt: thrifted

Bag: diy

Earrings: aliexpress (shop here)

THE CASUAL LOOK.styling adire shirtstyling adire shirt

I am sure you guys were expecting this cause I love casual look and it’s always my go to look. This look is good for small gatherings, day out with friends or even some social event.

styling adire shirt


Here i switched up the black pant for denim and the black top for white. I remove the belt and left the shirt unbuttoned to make it act like a jacket.


Denim: Levis

Top: thrifted

Sneakers/bag: jumia fashion

Shirt: @icreativedesigns

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which style is your favourite? how would you wear your adire shirt if you get one?

zaynab xo…



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