Taking Stock|| April’18

2018-04-24 01.40.42 1.jpg

Happy new month loves! welcome back to my little space and if this is your first time reading, please do come back and leave me a comment. To my old readers, thank you for the constant love and support. Taking stocks is a category on the blog where I talk about how i felt and what went down in a particular month. Here is for April…

LOVING: Aliexpress! you guys, don’t sleep on this site cause they have a lot of goodies. I got somethings myself and i cant wait to share. You should check out mindofamaka post for the goodies she got from there.

2018-04-17 10.39.39 1.jpg
Earrings from Aliexpress.

WRITING: Project report which is one of the stressful part of being a final year student.

READING: The Secret by Rhoda Byrne. It’s a book about law of attraction and I cant wait to be done with it so i can review it.1525204258924.jpg

EATING: rice, fish, rice, potato, golden morn, rice, rice and rice…lol

SAD ABOUT: Avicii’s death, I felt chills down my spine when i heard about it. He was so talented and young but did leave a legacy behind and he did live a life that will be remembered.

LISTENING TO: counting stars by One republic and Strings by Shawn mendes

WEARING: Over sized shirt, mom jeans and statement earrings.2018-04-17 10.46.46 1.jpg

EXCITED ABOUT: My feature in Aurora magazine, download here to read my interview. I also hit 2k followers on instagram and I just want to say thank you. If you ain’t following, please do follow my instagram here.Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

THANKFUL FOR: the small wins, my friends, parents, photographer and life.2018-04-24 01.49.15 1.jpg

FINALLY: Switched modest fashion and started using the headscarf. It was hard for me to get into it but I told myself i was going to start wearing the headscarf before Ramadan 2018 and here i am.  My style has always been modest, it’s just that there has been a little change and i am sure some of you already noticed. Shout out to all those women out there that motivated me to wear the headscarf and keep showing me that you can be modest and stylish at the same time.2018-04-19 08.46.42 1.jpg

CHALLENGING: myself not to buy anything till the end of may or June. and this started from march I think. I decided to do it to save money and to make use of most of the items in my wardrobe and i am surprised how many outfit i came up with. I will be sharing how many outfit i could put together with the pieces i already owned.

CANT WAIT TO: Watch avengers: infinity war. Although I have heard good and bad review but i will see for myself.1525203778694.jpg

TRYING TO: Overcome procrastination cause its killing me. Also preparing myself for Ramadan.1525203527642

HAPPY ABOUT: my new blog theme.

How did april go down for you? Do you like the new blog theme?

Zaynaro xo…







12 thoughts on “Taking Stock|| April’18”

  1. All I want is for you to borrow me your photographer though 😭😭…Always taking bomb pics! I’m also looking forward to watching infinity war! Some unfortunate person practically spoilt it for me on Twitter and told me the ending, so I’m still annoyed about that! But still keen to watch it nonetheless! All the best for your final write up! I know how stressful it can get 😅…Ramadan is around the corner 💃💃💃


  2. Ramadan Mubarak! I’ve seen other posts that say Ramadan begins tomorrow, but I began today, just to be sure. May Allah bless you and strengthen you!


    1. Ameen…in Nigeria, the situation is still that they haven’t sited the moon. And the latest news I have heard is that taraweeh will be prayed today.


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