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How To Feel Confident In Whatever You Wear


Have you ever had that moment when you put on your outfit and you’re feeling yourself then you get to your destination (probably a party) and you look at others outfit and your confidence level goes down to zero and you’re just not feeling your outfit anymore? then you end up just sitting and feeling moody throughout. Well, that use to be me but not anymore!1521528460515.jpg

When you’re not confident in your outfit, you can even pull off a Prada shoe or even Givenchy dress because the confidence is not there. If you’re confident in an outfit, even if you’re wearing thrifted items from head to toes you will rock the outfit and be looking like you’re putting on designers.


KNOW YOUR PERSONAL STYLE.1521528246129.jpg

You need to know your personal style like what you like wearing and what you’re always happy to wear. Don’t were an outfit just because it looks good on your friend or your favourite blogger.

BE CONTENTED.1521611368406.jpg

Contentment is being satisfied you whatever you have or put on. Don’t feel down because someone’s cloth is more expensive than yours. You will end up always feeling sad and not confident in whatever you put on. Be happy with whatever you have and quit comparing yourself to others and see how happy you will be.

BE COMFORTABLE.1521528374009.jpg

Never leave the house if you’re not comfortable in your outfit and I think at some point we have all been guilty of that telling ourselves “I will manage it”. No! don’t manage it, change it!. I remember always doing that and I end up not wanting to stand up when I go somewhere or not wanting to interact cause I keep thinking there is something wrong with my outfit.


Don’t leave the house with dirty sneakers and you know its dirty because when people give you looks you automatically think its your dirty sneakers even when it’s not. Don’t torture your mind and just keep things clean.

BE CONFIDENT1521608180452.jpg

Yes be confident! look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “girl you look good” even if someone tell you anything different it won’t get to you cause you know you look good. Embrace your body, love your body cause if you don’t feel good about your body, confidence level is going to be low and that’s where self love comes in.1521607941683.jpg


P.S: if you like it, that’s all that matters.

Have other things to add? drop your suggestions in the comment section, remember you will be helping others too.

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15 thoughts on “How To Feel Confident In Whatever You Wear”

  1. Comfort is key! If I’m not comfortable I don’t wear it and also dressing for the occasion helps too for example if you’re going to a party don’t dress like you’re going to a church program, looking completely off can bring down your confidence to 0%


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