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Jumia Haul+My Experience Shopping On Jumia


Welcome back loves, I hope your weekend is going well?. I made a decision to shop online at the beginning of the year, did I regret it? keep reading to know. Today I will be showing you guys what I got from JUMIA

WHAT I GOT.20180318_122644_0001

No.1. Black sling bag.

Black sling bag
Price: 1500 naira

No.2. Brown sling bag.

Price: 2000 naira

No.3. White sneakers.

white sneakers
Price: 4650 naira

No.4. Black sneakers.

jumia haul
Price: About 5000 naira

No.5. Power bank

power bank
Price: About 1700 naira

No.6. Flexible tripod

flexible tripod
Price: 900 naira

No.7. Tote bag.

tote bag
Price:2000 naira

No.8. Eco styler gel and spray bottle.

spray bottle and ecostyler gel
Spray bottle & Ecostyler gel: 600 and 1500 naira respectively

No.9. Kitten heels.

jumia haul
Price: 3000 something *can’t remember*

Check out how I styled it here



As you guys know, shopping online can be deceiving because sometimes you don’t get what you see in the picture and this happened in case of the brown sling bag. I thought it was bigger until I got it and it was so small. I opted for pick up at their pickup station cause it actually kind of save money if there is a pickup station near you and I got most items between 7-10 days. I actually don’t regret shopping on Jumia but I won’t be shopping there anytime soon because a girl needs to save money and I already got the basic things I need.

P.S: if you’re from a seller that’s not in Nigeria I.e its says “global”, you will probably receive your item in like a month time.

Thank you for reading to the end…

zaynab xo…

12 thoughts on “Jumia Haul+My Experience Shopping On Jumia”

  1. These were great buys! I especially love the low white heels and the tripod! Would be lovely to see a post on how you used it. Currently trying to find a tripod as well but not sure if it can be used to take photos with cellphone …like by myself ๐Ÿ˜…


    1. Yes you can use it to take pictures yourself. It even has a remote you can connect to your phone thru Bluetooth and you press the button to take pictures. I am planing on doing a blogpost + video on how to do it. Thank you Joan๐Ÿ’•


  2. My friend told me that she tried ordering from jumia and they charged delivery for each product instead OT the entire order. I thought maybe she did it wrong. I want to know what you think.
    And I love the kitten heels. Seriously thinking of getting one now.


  3. Everything is gorgeous! That black sling bag and tote bag is what I want! Plus, girl I feel you…..sometimes we order for something that looks 10size big and get 0.1big ๐Ÿ™„


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