Favourite Bloggers/Blog in 2017

Happy holidays loves! I hope its going well and you’re eating enough. I did a poll on my instagram story if I should post favourite blogs, brands, app etc for the last days of this year and most voted yass and I also will be doing a different thing on the last day for people who wanted something else. Today is the first day and I will be featuring my favourite blog/bloggers of 2017.

NO.1. Inmysundaybest.Screenshot_2017-12-28-13-08-07-541-01.jpeg

This blog is own by a beautiful lady called Sade. Her blog gives me this calm vibes which I love and going through her blog really helped me when I thought of leaving the blogging world.Screenshot_2017-12-28-13-13-07-598-01.jpeg

I love her style too, really simple and chic and photography skills is amazing plus she makes me wanna drink coffee all the time.

NO.2. Cassiedaves.Screenshot_2017-12-28-13-16-27-160-01.jpeg

The blog is run by Cassie Dave’s and it is a fashion, lifestyle and all other things fun from travel to diys and all. Anytime I visit Cassie’s blog to check out a blog post, I end up jumping to another post then another one and another one till I can’t find anyone I havent read.Screenshot_2017-12-28-13-24-01-224-01.jpeg

I can just relate to her posts and I find her blog fun. I love her style too and I will definitely wear all her outfits. You should check her out and you won’t be disappointed.

NO.3.Draped in basics.Screenshot_2017-12-28-13-35-52-013-01.jpeg

Draped in basics is a fashion, beauty, diy and lifestyle blog.The blog is own by Ifeoma. I have been following ifeoma ever since she started blogging and she was even the first fashion blogger I knew.Screenshot_2017-12-28-13-37-32-272-01.jpeg

She inspired me from the beginning to be honest and she is very creative. She can make anything look good, like hella good!


This is a fashion and lifestyle blog and it is run by Grace Alex. Its grace style that usually attracts me to her blog.Screenshot_2017-12-28-14-57-30-216-01.jpeg

I love her pictures and her style is dope! talk anything retro and vintage, Grace Alex to the rescue.


*When I say demi you say diy, demi! diy!* This is a diy, fashion and lifestyle blog and it is own by Demi.Screenshot_2017-12-28-15-05-25-021-01

I got attracted to this blog because of her diys. She is very creative and can create something out of nothing. Did I mention she is also a fashion blogger?

Only Nigerians bloggers right?? well I plan on expanding my horizon this coming year. There are other blogs I enjoyed reading this year tho..






There are so many blogs I enjoy reading, I might not be able to mention all but shalla to all the bloggers making cool contents out there

P.S: I was featured on mikunstyles  as blogger of the month. You should totally check out my interview.

  zaynab xo…

14 thoughts on “Favourite Bloggers/Blog in 2017”

  1. I remembered seeing Grace Alex in school one day and thinking she had great style, I was referred to her blog and since then I had the dream of blogging. So, yeah!! Grace Alex is one of my tops, Princess Audu and Wanshygirl too. I have to check up on the others.
    Plus, you are soo good too


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