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4||Lessons 2017 Taught Me



Just nine days till 2018 and I am here, still alive and I haven’t given up. 2017 have been good and bad but It shaped me and I am thankful for that. A lot went down 2017 and I learnt a lot too. Today I will be sharing four most important lessons 2017 taught me.AirBrush_20171221125435.jpg

NO.1. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE: To be very honest,I use to do that a lot. I will compare myself to others in what they do, what they achieve and the opportunity they have but at the end of the day, I got to find out that we all run different race and we are different people.IMG_20171222_041645_264.jpg

We might be running on the same field/track but we all run at different pace and we all different people. When I stopped doing that, I got better and people around me can testify to it.IMG_20171222_041912_634.jpg

NO.2. START NOW: I have always wanted to blog fashion but I was scared and kept thinking what if people don’t like my style, what if I run out of content? what if I can’t pay a photographer?? but guess what, when I made up my mind a friend came through. She just got her camera and she was ready to help. Other photographers have been asking for collaboration too! I have been getting a lot of compliments on my outfits too.So just start whatever you want to do and everything will fall into place although you may face some challenges but it only makes you better.IMG_20171222_041749_892.jpg

NO.3. BE YOURSELF: I am sure you guys are tired of hearing this from me but its has to be said. Don’t let the glamorous life of people online deceive and affect you. Trust me it looks pleasing and lovely but are you sure that the life you really want?? you want to buy shoes you can’t afford just because your favourite online personnel has it? you want to look exactly like him or her? girl! don’t be deceived cause you are the best version of you and you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. Buy what you can afford and dress how you want to.IMG_20171222_041519_632.jpg

NO.4. RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD MATTERS: I am not a saint or anything but I am that person that gets depressed when my bond/relationship with God weakens. I get sad unnecessarily and I feel empty. Sometimes I try to shun it out but it makes it worse. The only solution every time is to get back to HIM, pray about every little thing and put HIM first.IMG_20171221_110709_525.jpg

Put God first and watch everything happen like a miracle.

Photo credit: @iamglorey.AirBrush_20171221125744.jpg


Headwrap:mum’s wardrobe|Shirt: thrifted|Jean: lewis (thrifted)|Shoes:thrifted|Bag: random buy

What did 2017 teach you? do you think 2017 have changed you in a way?

zaynab xo…

16 thoughts on “4||Lessons 2017 Taught Me”

  1. I love this post totally related to everything you mentioned. I have been following your blog for a while now and I really like how consisted you are and how well you have grow. Pls hope you wouldn’t mind sharing your tips of how you stay consisted with blog cuz am sure that will also help me with my vlogging ๐Ÿ˜Š


    1. heyy!!! thank you, I am really glad you notice such little things๐Ÿ™ˆ. Will make sure to put the “how to stay consistent with blog” on my January blog post list. Thanks for the sweet comment.

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