Hello loves…

Happy Monday loves.Wishing you guys a productive week ahead. Today am going to be showing you guys my random thrift finds  and am really excited about them. I haven’t really done any official thrift since i got home cause these thrifts are just random buys. Some i got while getting clothes for a friend and some i got just passing and without even having intention of buying anything.


The first item is this jogger/sweat pant. I just love the color and the material is really soft and comfy.

Checked shirt.IMG_20170910_170802-01.jpeg

The second is this fannel/checked shirt. If you know me, you will know i love shirts and i couldn’t just resist buying this one.

Tank top and  camisole.IMG_20170910_170409-01

I just love the color of the tank-top and the print on the camisole.

Coca cola t-shirt.IMG_20170821_144406_181

This is absolutely my favorite and its weird cause I don’t like coca cola but i just love the tee. While reading a magazine the other day, I found a similar coca cola tee and it was $40 while I got mine for just 400naira.IMG_20170910_171213-01.jpeg

You find the best things when you ain’t even looking.

who else find the best thing when you ain’t even looking? the sad thing sometimes is that you might not even have money at that moment.IMG_20170317_222103-13


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