Hey loves…

August is almost over and I didn’t even achieve half of august goals which is really bad. I have been feeling so down and unproductive due to some personal issues. I think we all have those days but I decided not to let that hook me down and got back to being me. I will be sharing five ways I cheered myself up and got back to the normal me.

1) TALK TO A FRIEND: Dont just keep things bottled up, talk to a friend about it. I actually bottled up everything and it just made it worse. When I talked to a friend about it, damn! I felt better like way better. Sometimes all we need is to pour out whatever is on our mind.

2) TRY TO DO THINGS THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: is it watching movie that makes you happy? playing games? reading magazines? taking pictures? whatever it is just to it. Reading magazines and taking flatlays makes me happy and I did just that. Guess what? I felt better. Here are the flatlays I took.IMG_20170823_111959-01IMG_20170823_111731-01IMG_20170823_110932-01

3) GO OUT AND HAVE FUN: visit a friend or go to the mall. Just leave your bed and go out. Even if it’s just taking a walk around, just do it.

4) DONT WATCH SAD MOVIES AND LISTEN TO SAD SONGS: That period you should ditch sad movies and songs cause they just make you feel worse, like way worse.

5) PRAY: Pray about it and don’t judge or put pressure on yourself and be positive that everything will be fine.

*sometimes its okay to breakdown through your journey In life but don’t unpack there. You need to get up and continue your journey*

How do you cheer yourself up when you feel down?? IMG_20170317_222103-13




  1. Nice post. Most of the time, I read an interesting book, see a nice movie or read blog posts. Thanks for the tips. You have an interesting blog.



  2. Honestly, most of the time. I get into my bed, pull the covers over my head and sleep. Or i clean. Like spring clean. Clean cupboards, wash Windows lol I know it’s crazy but for some weird reason it’s always worked for me


  3. Good blog.
    I’m still learning how to communicate with friends and family because I keep things bottled up all the time.
    Exercising definitely helps to cheer me up and writing poetry.
    Another big help is I downloaded this app Silent unity it’s a Christian and the prayer warriors can pray for you.
    Reading other people blogs and giving input on other people blogs.
    I like helping others that cheer me up (but sometimes I’m careful with that becuase people can take advantage of you)


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