Hey lovelies.

Welcome back to my blog and I hope you guys have been good?. On Sunday was the blogger point bloggers brunch and i talked about being excited about it here. This is the first blogger event I went for and i was excited to meet new bloggers and learn new things.


The event was at Barbar , which is located at cinnamon garden mall lekki phase 1. It’s a really cool place with a bar and a saloon. The interior decoration is also nice with minimal colors and style and I would love to visit there again.

THE EVENT.Screenshot_2017-08-22-00-04-27-396-01

The event started with  group adverts for different products *unfortunately, my group didn’t win* .Then drinks and small chops which was followed by a mini seminar that included few bloggers like Akinfaminu, socialprefect, deola, tgjonah and sharonojong.They gave really helpful tips and I learnt new things too.


I got to see a lot of bloggers even though I was too shy to mingle or talk.


It was an all white event and i just wanted something nice and comfortable, so i settled for a dress and sneakers.

GOODY BAG.IMG_20170821_110624-01.jpeg

At the end of the event, we all received goody bags *who doesn’t love goody bags*

The blogger point is the first Nigerian blogger agency and they created a platform where bloggers and brands can meet. Am glad they organized this brunch and I can’t wait to attend next year.

Will love to attend more events cause this one was fun!!IMG_20170317_222103-13







  1. I wish they could create a platform such as this in South Africa. Its really not easy as a first time blogger to get the exposure you need. You looked really lovely by the way. I would’ve also opted for something simple and comfortable

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  2. am sure you learnt a lot! keep reading books on digital marketing as you know that blogging is an aspect under that field. All the best, Regards.


  3. Heyiiii! Lovely pictures and outfit! I first learnt about the bloggers brunch from your Instagram account and I wished I could be there so badly! In my small town here in SA, we don’t really have any sort of bloggers get together, but I think it will be just such a great event to have. Build connections and learn from professionals. How often do they host a bloggers event in your area? 😊


  4. Thanks for this post. I get so excited seeing my fellow Nigerian bloggers and I love to follow bloggers from Nigeria. I just started blogging some days ago and I’m really enjoying it! I hope it continues this way. Once again thanks for the post.


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