Hello loves…

Long time no me right?? Well, I have been sick and I have been writing exams too. I am fine now and am almost done with exams!. Happy new month to you guys since this is the first time am writing here this month and I hope August have not been so bad. Today’s post is all about what’s up with me currently. CURRENTLY I AM..

HAPPY: I can write here again and almost done with my exams.

LISTENING TO: uncle suru by Jon Ogah featuring Adekunle Gold and simiScreenshot_2017-08-05-05-01-57-013-01

LOVING: the Dettol even tone soap. Started using it recently and I love it.Screenshot_2017-08-05-05-09-06-608-01

WEARING: sweater, baseball hat and hoop earrings.IMG_20170609_080654_260.jpg

ANTICIPATING: my I.T program cause am going to use that opportunity to explore Lagos more. Also the blogger point even I talked about in this post  is this month and I can’t wait!.Screenshot_2017-07-05-09-46-27-633-01

REGRETTING: nothing.

APPRECIATING: all the people who cared for me when I was ill, you know yourselves and I love you.

THINKING OF: different things to do when I get to Lagos and hoping I have time to do them.

IRRITATED BY: people who body shame others. I just feel is so stupid to make other people feel bad about their body or colour.

FEELING: motivated!!

EATING: suya, suya, suya.Screenshot_2017-08-05-05-06-56-056-01.jpeg

TRYING TO: do more DIY and get more nerd glasses and beauty product.

PRAYING: for all ill people out there. That feeling of being weak and being in pain is so bad.


Processed with VSCO

ADMIRING: all talented people out there, just keep up the good work.

P.S: I will be featuring talents on the blog soon.IMG_20170317_222103-13



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