Hey loves,

How are you lovelies doing? Well took a break from reading to write this post (my examination starts on Monday) so I might be away for a while. Today, I will be sharing my July favourites with you loves.




I talked about how excited I was to try out this product in this post here and I wasn’t disappointed. The shampoo smells so nice like really nice. It doesn’t dry out my hair and it really controls dandruff. It also washes my hair squeaky clean and I also noticed I don’t have itchy scalp anytime I make my hair since I started using it.



Am not really impressed with the conditioner cause it doesn’t really condition my hair but I love it anyways. Am so getting another set when am done with these.

CHERRY BLOSSOM BODY MIST.IMG_20170719_150750-01-01

This was given to me by my mum and I love the fact that everyone keeps asking where they can get it but I have actually not seen it around cause it was my aunt that got it for my mum when she got back from Texas. I love the flowery smell and I get compliments so I hope I can get another one.

MY DAD’S CAP.IMG_20170719_150844-01-01.jpeg

My dad gave me the cap recently and its being saving my ass this July cause I have been making cornrows (DIDI) and I have been wearing the cap a lot to cover my short hair (thanks dad for the cap).IMG_20170719_150649-01

There you have my July favourites and thank you for always visiting and reading. Keep me in your prayer for my coming examination.IMG_20170317_222103-13






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