Happy Sunday loves!

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and not like me reading like crazy for the test I have on Monday. On my I.G I asked which post should be next and thrift finds had the highest want. You can check out other thrift finds here.

I got these items the last time I went home(Lagos) and I get cheaper items there.The first item is this slides I almost made for 3k until I found one like it and I got it for 1300 naira



I got a black flat which my sister wanted immediately when she saw it and I got it for 1600 and it was very new. My favourite thing about the shoe is the esperdrilles design on the shoe.IMG_20170708_143534-01


atmosphere N1600

The next item I got is a mom jean and I really love the fit and I need more. I got the jean for 1500 which I think is expensive cause I got it in Ilorin and its Levi’s!IMG_20170708_144001-01


Levis N1500

The remaining items I got where shirts cause I can never have a enough shirts.The first one is this flower print vintage shirt which I also got in Ilorin for 1000 naira.


vintage shirt N1000

I got two pink shirts and yes! am adding more pink to my wardrobe. I got them for 100 naira each.


Gap N100


next N100

Got a denim armless stripe shirt and an off shoulder shirt which I love the print for 100 naira each too in Lagos.





Lastly, denim look like shirt but its a cotton shirt for 100 naira too!



And that’s all the items I got this time.

THE SPLURGE.IMG_20170708_152123-01.jpegIMG_20170708_151925-01.jpeg

I got this five in one beauty massager for 3000 naira on jumia.

P.S: the reason for thrift find post is to show that you don’t always have to break the bank to get nice things and look good. My pictures got better right?? no it’s not a new phone, just me developing my photography skills.IMG_20170317_222103-13


12 thoughts on “THRIFT FINDS ||4.

  1. Thrifting in Ilorin is so difficult when it comes to bargaining. Unusual leave the thrift stalls pained because I know I could have gotten them cheaper in Yaba but you know, you can’t just let some things go. Your photography skills have definitely improved!


    • yes oo, they will just be calling price that keeps you wondering that’s why most of the time I chill till I get to lag. And for my photography skills, thank you💜💪😘

      Liked by 1 person

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