Hello loves…

Happy new month and Ramadan Kareem to my fellow Muslims(am sorry it’s coming late). We have gotten to the 6th month which is half of the year and am excited. You can check my previous currently i am post below.





I didn’t write a currently I am post in April, that’s why its missing. Let’s not make June own missing and let’s get to it. CURRENTLY I AM..

GRATEFUL: for all the gifts,messages and love I received on my birthday. Thank you guys.

LOVING: a ruffled sleeveless top that I thrifted recently and this two sweaters my friend got me for my birthday.IMG_20170602_121338_213.jpgIMG_20170603_083826_536.jpg

SNACKING: in the middle of the night. Cause of Ramadan I have no choice than to snack in the night when am reading.IMG_20170602_113456_684.jpg

CRAVING: chocolates. I crave chocolate always and I can’t even get my favourite one in this Ilorin.

APPRECIATING: all those friends that keeps buying me chocolates and always supporting me. One of my friends got me this (if you want to bribe me,now you know what to do).IMG_20170603_084848_540

CRUSHING ON: women with long natural hair, they keep giving me hair goals.2017-06-03 08.56.46 1.jpgProcessed with VSCO

REGRETTING: relaxing my long natural hair last year because of Peoples opinions and I had to cut it again but that ain’t happening again!

LISTENING TO: the fan in my neighbour’s room make funny noises.

WEARING: nothing new, just my norms.

TIRED OF: annoying and selfish people. Am just so done!

WISHING: all the beauty products I want will just appear on my bed.

PRAYING FOR: all sick people out there. A lot of people are falling sick around me and I just pray they will be fine.

WONDERING: if am weird not to like coca-cola cause it feels like everyone likes it.IMG_20170602_170009_882

WAITING FOR: the second semester break so I can start my I.T and my waka waka around Lagos. I miss Lagos so much. Just look at my Lagos.2017-06-03 09.20.03 1.jpg2017-06-03 09.24.00 1.jpgProcessed with VSCO

IRRITATED BY: Nigeria market system. Things always get so expensive during festive periods which is unfair cause I feel things should become lesser. To buy foodstuffs now cost a fortune which is so sad.

That’s all with me currently. What about you?? what have you been up to?..IMG_20170317_222103-13


13 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM| JUNE 17

  1. I love snickers☺️ and those are some beautiful naturalistas! I’m almost a year into my natural hair journey. Don’t let anyone discourage you from what you want to do. Especially about hair that grows from your hair that you were born with. Often, once you go natural others start to get inspired and encouraged to finally do the same. Even when they didn’t agree at first.


  2. Awww I’m shedding a tear for the natural hair cut😭😭😭. May your fro grow and flourish!!! 🙌🙌🙌. P.S, I love the quality of your photos. What app do you use to edit? 😁😁😁. Let me feed of goodness here!!😂


  3. I dnt like coke! 2. I cnt wait for d semester to end too bt exam seems xo far away! 3. I cnt even go natural cos of my kinda hair😞 which i culd join d gang! Finally! Thanks for praying for me! Love! Love!! Love!!!


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